Pandobac’s service

Pandobac offers a service of reusable crates to food wholesalers for fresh produce delivery.


Our crates replace disposable packaging like cardboard boxes, wood crates, polystyrene boxes, that are used in the fresh produce delivery. Pandobac is a zero-waste solution, ecological and sustainable.

Today in France, fresh produce are delivered from wholesalers to restaurants in disposable boxes and they are thrown at the end. In the Paris area, around 300 000 crates in plastic, wood, and cardboard boxes are incinerated everyday, without recycling.

With Pandobac, the system becomes circular and sustainable.

Pandobac loop.png

Crates are eco-designed and ergonomic

Our crates are created by a designer, specialized in food industry. They are made in recyclable plastic and are hygiene compliant.

The eco-design optimizes the reuse rate of the crates. They are lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to handle.

They can be fitted and stacked together, in order to save storing space.

Implementation and set up

Today the trucks deliver goods to the restaurants and go back to their warehouse completely empty. Pandobac uses this empty space to make reverse logistic with reusable crates, without adding any transportation.

We also implement awareness-raising measures to help users of the service understand the ecological aspect of the project.



Ecological washing

Pandobac washes the crates, in compliance with food regulation. The washing process uses a small amount of water thanks to steam washing. It is made directly in wholesale markets where Pandobac is implemented.

Part of our staff is disabled or in reintegration in our warehouses, because social impact is also important to us.


Crates tracking and Pandobac app

The crates are tracked from our warehouses, to the wholesalers, and to the restaurants, in order to ensure their full reuse.

We provide a digital turnkey solution. Each user has a web and mobile app, to track the crates in real time.

Pandobac is supported by 3 co-founders : Shu, Roch and Anaïs, with engineering and business backgrounds. Shu also created a restaurant in 2014 in Paris.

Pando means “I spread out” in Latin and bac means “crates” in French.

If you are interested by Pandobac and our offer, please send us a message. We will be pleased to answer your questions as soon as possible.